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12.05.12 - Sick Days

Here is my Sick Days outfit. I don’t know if I had caught the flu but I felt feverish the minute I woke up yesterday. My throat was hurting and my body was aching. I’m a bit better now though I’m still warm. Also, please note that this is the only time that I will wear leggings. 

I’d wear this if I’m just staying home or if we have company. Otherwise I’d wear my jeggings, some layering with comfy materials, and my easy go-to boots. If I’m going to work, I’d wear a denim jacket or a blazer with either a soft t-shirt or just layer a sweater with a collared button down- and definitely not a sports bra, haha.

My hair is curled because I was testing out a straightener I had just bough and let me just say, it sucked. Returning it tomorrow!

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